Backups Windows on a graph or similar


I would like to know if exists some application like Opscenter or command to get a graph with the netbackup windows. I need to check if I would be possible configure more backup in one appliance or i don't more windows to configure it.


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Re: Backups Windows on a graph or similar


I think there is no such thing available.... But what I can suggest you is:

open activity monitor, filter out by media server (your appliance), copy all backups from one day or two to cliboard. 
Paste this into excel, remove all columns except for Job Policy, Clinet, Start Time, Duration. Now create a gantt graph which will show you when given policy (client) kicks in and how long does it last.

Here is an example how to create gantt chart in excet and what it is

I hope it will work for you.... Maybe someone else will come up with better idea.