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Backups fail with a "missing path" MISSING_PATH:{2,0,6,0}

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I did vmoprcmd and i get missing path  "MISSING_PATH:{2,0,7,0}:HU1033BUBV    DOWN-TLD """

There is any idea?







Level 6


Confirm that the Removable Storage Manager (RSM) is stopped and set to disabled.

Confirm tape drives are present and update drivers if necessary.

Confirm there are no I/O errors in the application log.


Remove tape drives from Devices>drives. Run the configuration storage device and correct the tape path



Level 5


Drive is not mounted under /dev/rmt/

Configure the Drive.

Drive Path will be missing for this drive.

And when backup used the drives. Backups will fail stating "Missing Path"

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we can see the Missing path when the Netbackup is not able to find the drives..

as this is windows server you need to check.. Device manger .. if server is able to see the drives or not.. 


if the server (OS level) is not seeing the drive.. you may need to check the drive connectivity and make sure that the drive is visiable in the OS level..


if server is able to see the drives.. next step would be make sure that it has the updated drives ro not..


if it has updated drives.. then we have to look into the netbackup level issue..

Try to check tpautoconf is seeing the dirves..

Installpath:/veritas/volmgr/bin/tpautoconf -t..

some times restarting the ltid will also help to remove the missing path..

if that is the shared drive.make sure that the drive is notallocated to the othe media server.. if the drive is allocated to another meida server .. tpautoconf -t can not see the drive.. so make sure. that..

try this.. and post the update...


Level 6

seems whenever they mess with the SAN some of my windows servers don't reconnect to all the drives.

lets see if you have the same issue I have.

(now I am assuming this is a windows server)

log into the server

go to my computer properties

device manger button

expand out the tape drives

look at properties for each one ( first make sure the count is correct you got 10 drives you should see 10 here)

 if all drives are there look at each one

I think - you may find one that does not have all the TABS when you look at properties - this is your trouble drive

reapply the driver to it and see if it now works.