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Backups to OST - DataDomain fails after P2V (Master) migration.

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Any ideas on this problem ?

As part of the P2V process had to change IP address of Master server resulting in failed connection to DataDomain. My understanding is the Master server does not talk directly to DataDomain (DD) and all the communication services are done through Media Server OST plugin.

FYI: DD - 4500, VMware P2V converter used for this process



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Flush the cache on each media server.  Don't rely upon a reboot because to flush as it appears the cache is written to disk and may survive a reboot.  Don't rely it being updated automagically ..sometimes it just doesn't happen 

The manual says

bpclntcmd -clear_host_cache   NetBackup caches host name to IP address mappings to minimize DNS lookups. Each NetBackup process typically has its own in-memory cache and all the processes also share a cache stored on the file system. This option removes all the entries in the shared cache on the file system. If host names/IP addresses have recently been updated on DNS or other host lookup services, the NetBackup caches may be out of sync for up to an hour. To ensure that NetBackup is in sync with host name changes, you can do the following: Stop NetBackup, run bpclntcmd -clear_host_cache, then restart



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Backups to OST - DataDomain fails...

Fails with what error?

As Jim stated above, its probably the media server that is not connected to the Master any more.

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How does the data domain resolve the names of master and media ?

via DNS or via Data Domain internal host files ?

See "net host" command from DD OS CLI