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Bandwidths for restore

Hi there,

Is there any documentation regarding the amount and rate of network traffic between master-client and master-media, for restores? I know the 100B/catalog entry rule for backups exists but can't find anything about restores.

Would catalog entries over multiple images have any significant effect?

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Restore Bandwidth

I am not sure there is a written rule for what to expect on a restore from media server to client since there are a lot of depencies on the equation:

-What size network connection do you have 100mb/1GB/10GB?
-What other network activities are happening at the time of the restore?
-Have you adjusted buffer settings on media server and/or client?
-What other activities are happening on media server and/or client while restore is in progress?
-Is the backup coming from tape or VTL?  Are the devices SCSI or fibre attached?

I think a restore depends a lot on the environment hardware, configuration and activities happening at the time of the restore.

Mileage may vary :)


Benjamin Schmaus

Bandwidths for restore

Our restores are (generally speaking) a little bit faster than our backups.
As a rule for our network backup/restores, I use 100 GBph as a rule. If the business area finds this acceptable to their recovery needs, then no need to purchase a media server license.