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Barcode Mismatch

Level 4

Hi All,

We were trying to test restores from our environment, which required old medias to be inserted from offsite. After performing inventory it was actually strange that the media barcodes it read was A00001  in sequence rather than the actual barcode physical label present. Should I do a physical inventory by running vmphyinv to get back the barcode as physical label. If yes then what might be the reason for such kind of strange behaviour as these medias are already present in the DB but then why it is unable to read the correct label and instead giving the by default labels.........


Level 6

Has library been changed since these media were last used & cannot read these labels?

Having issues reading other barcodes?

Did you try deleting the generic media_ids (e.g. A00001) & re-try inventory? We've had this happen ourselves on occasion when the reader has had temporary "senior-moment" & failed to read the barcodes successfully.

Try the vmphyinv (after deleting the generic media that have been created).

I presume the media were inserted correctly in the library - don't laugh (or cry in frustration), I've seen this happen!