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Bare Metal Restore Clients not appearing

Level 3
First time installing and configuring Bare Metal Restore and I'm not sure why I don't see any Bare Metal Restore Clients in my list.  I read that once the Net Backup client is installed on a server, BMR comes with the client/agent install.  Is there another install or a way to activate the client to be seen in the Bare Metal Restore Clients list?  Any help would greatly be appreciated.  All installs have been completed as notated in the install manual.  Thanks ahead of time everyone.

Net Backup 6.0 installed on a Windows 2003 Dell 6850.  Both Redhat 32 bit /64 bit and Server 2003 32 bit/ 64 bit are being backed up. 

I can see the Master and media servers in the Bare Metal Restore Client list, but nothing else.

Level 4
From what I remember you need to go into the policy for that client and for the selection of what you want to backup you have to select "ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES". Also within the policy you have to select "Collect disaster recovery information for Bare Metal Restore". We ended up putting this client in its own policy to keep things separated. Once you do a full backup with that new policy the client should appear in the Bare Metal Restore Clients area (you may have to refresh that area of the admin console).

Level 3
Thanks for the reply back BGIBSON!.  After doing some further investigation of how this companies setup is done, I found that it was a Maintenance Pack issue.  There was NO MP installed for the Backup server I was working on.  After installing MP4, I started seeing clients after executing the necessary steps as you discribed.  Appreciate the help.  Thanks, have a blessed one!!

Level 2
Thanks for your post here Mr G.  I am implementing BMR at the moment and also wondered why I could not see the clients (6.5).  Its because I havent done any BMR backups yet!!!  Thanks, could have wasted a lot of time on this one.