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Somebody have news about this??

Have you tried again?

The link now works for me....

videos are accessible today

mandar's videos:



qiblatain - has any of these

qiblatain - has any of these posts answered your question?

I think that Mandar really deserves to be awarded......

Thanks a lot Marianne for

Thanks a lot Marianne for appreciating.


Hi Qiblatain. This may help

Re: mandar's videos:

Hi Marianne,

I tried looking out those videos on Veritas vox but could not able to find them, can you help me where i can locate them?

Thanks in advance!

Re: mandar's videos:


I have also asked the VOX admins over here :

You will notice that there was nothing done about the 'missing videos'. 

You may want to add a comment in that post.

I will lock this post as nothing here is of any relevance anymore.