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Be aware: The NetBackup 6.x End of Support Life is fast approaching!

(crossposted from the Netting Out NetBackup blog)

With NetBackup 7.5 now on the horizon, it's time to make sure you're aware of the coming end of support for NetBackup 6.x.  It's hard to believe it will have been seven years since the NetBackup 6.0 release!

On October 3, 2012, NetBackup 6.x will reach End of Support Life (EOSL).  This includes ALL 6.0 maintenance packs and 6.5 Release Updates.

The NetBackup 6.x EOSL means that in order to continue receiving NetBackup support, an upgrade to NetBackup 7.x will be necessary.

Version is the latest available update today.  (The maintenance release is expected to see release in March.  It is expected that this will be the final 7.1 update.)

In March 2012, NetBackup 7.5 GA will also be available as an upgrade path.

There is no cost to upgrade for customers with a current maintenance contract; however, you may find that additional or updated hardware is needed. Use SORT to help shine a light on any hurdles to your upgrade.

Did you know we also sell NetBackup Appliances?  They can also be an effective strategy to achieve both a software and hardware refresh.

Here are some more links which may help:
TECH77075: The official EOSL statement for NetBackup 6.x (originally sent 1/19/2009, updated 2/1/2010)
TECH76123: Frequently Asked Questions about Symantec Business Products End of Life
TECH74584: The NetBackup 7.x upgrade portal
More information about NetBackup Appliances can be found at
More information about NetBackup Release Details can be found at

Q:  If I have an open 6.x case on Oct 3, 2012, what happens to it?
A:  The EOSL is a milestone for opening new cases.  Your case will remain open and work will continue until your issue is resolved.

Q:  Can I still use NetBackup 6.x clients with 7.x servers in a supported configuration?
A:  You can, but after the NetBackup 6.x EOSL date, no support will be provided for them.

Are there other questions?  Please ask me here or contact your sales engineer!

PLEASE don't get caught in an unsupported configuration in October - if NetBackup 6.x is still in your enterprise, start making your plans NOW!

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thanks for this

thanks for this

thank you for your

thank you for your information

ver 7 compatibilty

Will 7.X protect W2K with a 6.5.x client installed?  Will 7.X protect any Novell?


Will 7.X protect W2K with a 6.5.x client installed? 

Yes, although it will be unsupported after the EOSL date.

Will 7.X protect any Novell?

Yes, with NetBackup 6.x clients, although the NetWare 5.1 and 6.0 clients will be unsupported after the EOSL date.

Note this footnote about the NetWare 6.5 client from the 6.x O/S compatibility list (page 33):

The Novell NetWare 6.5 NetBackup client will no longer be updated. It will be supported with subsequent NetBackup releases until Novell NetWare reaches end of

That means the NetBackup 6.x client for NetWare 6.5 client WILL be supported in NetBackup 7.x until NetWare's own EOSL date, which appears to be... 3/7/2015?  (Don't take my word for that, please!)

NetBackup (tm) 6.x Operating System Compatibility List (Updated March 28, 2012)

Netware 6.5 Support Ends Soon - What Are Your Options?

Unix/Linux 32 bit Clients

We have over 100 Unix/Linux clients running on 32 but OS platform. Since 7.x stop supporting 32 bit Unix/linux client, we are running backups via 6.5 MP6. Now this is going to make my customers unhappy, as they have to upgrade thier OS for supporting NetBackup 7.x compatibility.sad

Symantec should still support 6.5.x clients atleast!!!!


this help a lot...

thanks...this will help us

thanks...this will help us


Really, i have the same issue and i don't know what to do, reinstall new OS with 64-bit.  this bad step from symantec, and we need a solution.

i changed All servers OS

i changed All servers OS client to 64-bit to still in safe side; but really that give me good feel.




Hello , Our environment here

Hello ,

Our environment here is mixed versions .

Master , Media 6.5.6 and clients 6.5.6 . 

we are running flash backup with snapshot method on   hithachi shadow image copy and media server as OFF-HOST.

my question is will we be having support on our media and clients or do we need to upgrade to 7.

Do flash backup  & Snapshot backup with hitachi supported in 7 version of media and clients.

Thanks .



Greeting Rajesh, Your 6.x

Greeting Rajesh,

Your 6.x clients will fall out of support in just TWO WEEKS!  You will need to upgrade if you ever find yourself needing to contact Technical Support for any issues arising on those clients.

You didn't mention the Operating System of your media servers and clients, but you can find your answerse in the NetBackup 7.x Compatibility Lists (including the O/S and Snapshot Client CLs), available at this link:

Hope this helps!

In the first post you

In the first post you wrote:

"There is no cost to upgrade for customers with a current maintenance contract"

My question is 

When i will upgrade from 6.5 to ,will i need new license key or the same 6.5 license will enough?

Your earlier response is needed




I believe your 6.5 key will

I believe your 6.5 key will continue to work, but it is likely that it will not unlock some of the 7.x features to which you might be entitled to use.  It would be to your benefit to contact us and get your key(s) updated as it doesn't cost you anything (so long as you have a current maintenance contract with us) and I believe it can be accomplished online.  (Anyone with actual experience is free to confirm this, or tell me I'm totally wrong!)

More info about licenses including how to contact us can be found in this TechNote:

Frequently asked questions about NetBackup licensing and NetBackup license keys

Good luck!