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Begin Writting

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Good morning , I have a little problem when I'm backing up a policy on a particular server, even when starting with Begin Writting status , it takes 2 hours or more, and soon after he began to write , someone knows tell me what It is?
as attachmenterro netbackup writting.png

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You will need to check bpbkar log on the client to see what is happening between 22:50 and 01:31.

If the folder does not exist under netbackup\logs, create it and increase logging level to 3.


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The simple answer is that your data was being written to storage.  The line after the 2 hours, 41 minutes says you backed up 1.1 trillion bytes, but bpbkar only had to send 4.5 billion bytes. It took just under 10,000 seconds, which makes about 460,000 bytes per second for the bytes actually transferred.

I don't know why it doesn't transfer faster. It could be your network; it could be deduplication performance. You gave the product version as 7.1.x. I don't remember Accelerator going back that far, but even from 7.5, I think you would find better performance if you upgraded to a current version (if the issue isn't your network).

Besides the bpbkar log on the client, as suggested, you may also find insights from the bptm log on the media server.