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Behaviour of differential backup with respect to 2 different backups

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Hi there,

There was a business requirement to have more than 1 backup to of critical server  number of times througout the day. Apart from tape backup. I have configured disk based backup as 1 weekly full and 4 differential backups every day all throughout the week. I was just wondering if this is right approach. 

To be precise....

in my case I have 2 full on tape and one on disk STU

Similarly i have 1 diff backup on tape and numerous diff backup directed to used disk STU.

Will the restore work properly if i have  restore from either of differential backups.

Would anybody know about it. Please let me know...Many thanks !




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Hi Arahman01,

Assuming it's not GRT (granular) backup, it doesn't matter whether some of the backups are on disk or tape. The restore will work just fine.

To do point in time restore of your data, what you need is the last full backup plus all differential backups up to the point you want to restore to. The set can be on tape, disk or both.


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The restore is according to the user requirement.

If you want to restore the whole data as like yesterday then first restore the Last full backup and also restore the yesterdays last Differential backup. While restoring the differential backup check in the overwright option.

So that the changed files will be overwrittel and unchanged files also will be there.

For example: Thursday your server crashes then restore the monday full and thursday last successful differential. It will give you the date approximately equal to thursday.

For more information on Restore