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Best NBU7 Migration Strategies?

Level 3

I'm in the process of replacing my backup hardware. Would anyone suggest the best migration strategies for the following two scenarios that I need to complete:

1) Migrate NBU7 Master from Win2K3E-R2 SP2 (x86) to Win2K8E-R2 (x64) with the server name/IP changing.
Is this even an issue or should I simply be deploying a new master and migrating the media servers individually? I'm most concerned with retaining the catalogues from the media servers managed by the existing master.

2) Migrate 2 NBU7 Media servers with NDMP and more importantly the DataDomain OST plug-in from Win2K3E-R2 SP2 (x64) to Win2K8E-R2 (x64) retaining the same server name/IP?
The OST side is of greatest concern, though online documentation goes some way towards explaining the general process of "decommissioning" a media server. Perhaps I'm just missing some particular nuance in the process? Again, I need to ensure that I have full access to all existing backups.

I did a test media server migration to the new master which wasn't particularly straight-forward (I lost, or didn't properly move over the catalogues), though I did at least retain the policy definitions.

Any help or suggestions appreciated. I guess it'd be nice to have a step-by-step guide, rather than trawling through multiple documents for one paragraph here, another there, etc. But perhaps I've missed an obvious solution.



Level 6
There is still not a supported mechanism for changing the master server name.  Media servers aren't an issue (assuming you're on NBU 6.x today) since it's the EMM that holds the important information.  Media servers are pretty dumb and can come and go with straightforward steps.

You need to read this to migrate your master server from 32-bit to 64-bit: