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Browsing backup media server/disk for backup pieces and Tape Number where full database backup set is located?

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Hi Backup Pros,


I'm an intern DBA and some issues related to the backups has brought me here.

In our environment we use NetBackup-Solaris10


From DBA side we have shceduled nightly RMAN backups to backup our databaseS. the parameters set in the RMAN configuration above shows that the backups are directly going to the SBT_TAPE.When we need to restore a database we will run the RMAN command again from our side to restore any database. 

According to backup team the backups are going to a disk on media server (kind of tape as per backup admin) that the DBA have no acces to. Once the backup expires it is then moved to tape and then tapes are sent offsite for retention as per requirements in policy. 


1. The DBAs can't browse the media server (kind of a tape according to backup admin). 

2. The RMAN restore/duplicate runs fine when the tapes are still onsite and are attached to the media server. However, when the tapes are offsite the backup admin would ask us to provide date and time window for the backup, but still he is not sure if the whole backup set is on the tape that he has recalled. It's only after we run the restore from our site we will find that out when the backup gets hung and then the backup admin would order further tapes. 

3. Recently there was a database server that crashed therefore no access to rman target. A high priority request came in to restore the test counterpart of the production database that crashed from the latest backup on a different server. Although the tapes were attached RMAN can't duplicate the database from prod backup to test although correct parameters were provided.




1. On SQL Servers we can browse the archive logs and full net backups using MMS SQL netbackup client, is there something similar for the Oracle on UNIX.

2. Is there a way that dba's can browse the backup pieces from the backup media server/tape and find oud out exactly on which tape(s) a full backup set is located?

3. We have RMAN recovery catalog database that can provide whole lot of information about the RMAN backup history. What information is needed by the backup team though?

3. How do we get the tape numbers on which the whole backup set is? We can query the tag number or handles of backup pieces but backup admin says it is no use for him, he would need tape numbers. 


thanks in advance, I may have more questions after getting this initial answers.  




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