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CPU utilization is 100% in client during backup

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Hi Friends,

I am facing issues with SQL DB backups.One of the client servers CPU utilization is 100 % during SQL DB backup.SQL DBA team telling that there is no issues with SQL/ windows OS, issue with Netbackup only and they provided the logs.

Please find the attached log for your reference and help me by your suggestions in resolving this.






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It looks like that job errors - and give the same event code is logged in this tech note which is swrth checking - but do look at all 5 of those errors to see what they say:


I also see that it is based on VMWare so that could also have an effect

Another real issue on Windows 2003 SQL Server is the VSS itself - search for VSS Rollup Package in Google - this has fixed many SQL servers for my clients


Also check that anti-virus has exclusions for all NetBackup processes - bpfis, bpbkar32, dbbackex bpcd etc.

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Not sure what exactly those logs are proving?

We need to see NBU dbclient plus SQL errorlog and VDI log to see what is causing the failure.

Do the admins have Task Manager output/screenshots to show cpu usage for individual processes?