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Can I Upgrade Directly to v7.7.3 ?


Can we upgrade directly from NetBackup v7.6.1.2 / to v7.7.3 / 2.7.3, or do we first have to go through the minor versions ?

So, what I mean is, can we do this:

v7.6.1.2 / -> v7.7.3 / 2.7.3

or do we have to do this:

v7.6.1.2 / -> v7.7.0 / 2.7.0 -> v7.7.1 / 2.7.1 -> v7.7.2 / 2.7.2 -> v7.7.3 / 2.7.3.

Please don't ask me to read the manual.  I've checked the Release Notes, Installation Guide and other documents and they don't seem to directly answer this question.

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Re: Can I Upgrade Directly to v7.7.3 ?

You can go directly To 8.0 from 7.x

Re: Can I Upgrade Directly to v7.7.3 ?

Versions with 2 dots or fewer such as 7.7.3 can be installed directly. Triple-dot versions, which we haven't done since, usually needed to have the feature release (e.g., 7.6.1) applied first, although there were exceptions even then.