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Can I access a diskpool from 2 separate storage servers ?

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I am experiencing slow restore times due to our network configuration. We have 2 domains in 1 data center, and I have a DD with network connections on each domain. So is backing up to a diskpool on a dd2500 via storage server I would like to restore to from that same diskpool via the I used FORCE_MEDIA_... such that the restore san client in dom2 is used to read the backup, but its communicating to the DD via the dom1 network. Hope this makes sense. We are running NB 7.6.




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when you say 2 domain.. are they two different Netbackup master servers, or regular 2 domains that are configured in one master server?

if they are 2 master servers, you need to configure the Disk pool having the data to 2nd master serveer and use import to generate the catalog and perform the restore.. ( make sure you will not use this Disk pool for write operations in 2nd master server)

if they is only 1 master server I do not think you can configure this Disk pool agian with differenent stoarge server name(i think), however you can use some hosts files manipulatiosns to get the data moving from domain2, only for this restore...

same NB master, 2 separate network/dns domains.

However, I do have a different NB master on the other domain. Never imported a diskpool before. Maybe I give that a shot.