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Can a backup job span storage units?

Does netbackup allow a backup job to span storage units within a storage unit group?  We received a: 1: (96) unable to allocate new media for backup after the storage unit became full.  However, the policy is assigned to the storage unit group which has plenty of available tapes in other storage units within the storage unit group.

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Re: Can a backup job span storage units?

Backup jobs can span mulitple tapes if they are avalible in selected volume pool or scratch volume pool.  

what is the storage unit type you are referrring? is it disk or tape? if tape you need to make sure tapes are avaliable in the scratch volume pool or the volume pool selected in policy has enough tapes, tapes are not associted with storage units but they are associted with volume pools. ensuing the enough tapes in scratch volume pool or selected volume pool in policy will resolve the issue

Re: Can a backup job span storage units?

All tape.  The jobs have no issues spanning tape within the storage unit.  But they appear NOT able to span across to available tapes in the same volume pool within the storage unit group.

Re: Can a backup job span storage units?

Tapes do not associte with storage unit groups,  they asscoiate with Volume pools. and once the job allocated to a specific storage unit, it will not change the storage unit althogh its part of storge unit group . Storage unit group only helps with the initial allocation. 

hope this answers your question, if not you need to expline it in detail with example to help you better. 

Re: Can a backup job span storage units?

When a tape fills up, it NEVER uses another tape within the pool, it ALWAYS grabs another scratch tape. Only new jobs can grab partially full tapes. Most likely the error was due to not enough scratch tapes.

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