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Can't login to Java console after fresh install NBU

Level 3

Just Uninstalled NBU 9.0 and installed

Removed all nbu related stuff from systems (Solaris 11. 4 x86/64).

Installation went smooth, also rebooted just to be sure (it's a lab environment..).

After starting the Java console from a windows 10 laptop I got an error that the user/password is wrong.

So, enabled X11 forwarding and started the jnbSA directly from the master.

Same error.. And my root password is so stupid, you can't type that wrong.

Tried before in a solaris VM and no problem.

Today removed 9.0 and installed on real server and got that problem..

After deleting all the packages, the /user/openv or better /opt/openv was also deleted.

Any ideas??

BTW: I would like to try the nbweb GUI (<master>/webui/login) and No success.

Always got the same error that the credentials are wrong.
Tried 8.3.1, 9.0 and NO luck!! I simply can't pass the login screen, the manual just states that you can login using your root/administrator account.

Any ideas would be great!!

Thank you!


Level 6
Hi Christopher

Hope your Solaris VM is reachable from your laptop.

To verify your credentials are right try this command
bpnbat -login -logintype WEB
Here you enter root password and if it accepts then the Java Console or webconsole should also accept it. If not then try changing the root password something that complies password policy.

You can also try creating a new user in parallel to root and see if it works.
Hope it helps.


Ive got now a reproducable situation where the inital login after the installation will fail w/ NBU :

x) Server : Solaris 11.4 GA, x86_64 (will try SPARC also..)

x) Tried on physical server (dual opteron system) and a VirtualBox VM, same Solaris install source..

x) Install NBU on a fresh system & reboot (not required but just to be sure..)

x) Open the Java GUI either local or from a Windows machine (local = attached monitor and so on or X11 forwarding)

x) Enter "root" and enter your password (tried my simple one and also a complex one)

x) Login will FAIL

=> Now, remove all the netbackup packages and reboot (not required..)

=> Install NBU 9.0

=> Open the Java GUI either local or from a Windows machine (local = attached monitor and so on or X11 forwarding)

enter your root password and it will WORK.

Any ideas ? the bpnbat -login command will hang forever (but it hangs both at 9.0 and ??)

JFI I used the bpnbat command using the "unixpwd" auth method..

If bpnbat -login command not working which means something isn’t right.
Hope the master server is name resolving well (dns or hosts file).

Did you checked if nbwmc is running?

Check /var/adm/messages and wmc logs for further investigation.


For simplicity I use just the hosts file..

So, # getent hosts nbuserver2 , ping nbuserver2 , bpclntcmd -hn nbuserver2 and so on works w/out any problem...

After issuing the bpnbat -login command the following is shown on the console as you can see in the pic,a login attempt for user root, and then....nothing..

Created a new VM, installed Solaris 11.4 , installed NBU and issued the command..