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Can't restore files with SGID set

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Hello Forum,

Wondering  if someone could help me answer a question.  I have 2 files that failed to restore out of 3300 files.  The specific error is "Could not create file....[path].... permission denied"

This was a test restore so when I checked the permissions on the 2 files in question, here were the permissions:

-r----S--T    1 root     root          904 Feb 24 06:27 rack.1

---x--S---    1 root     root         3276 Mar 17 19:38 ctlr.0

I was restoring to a file system having full root privileges.

Is NetBackup limited by SGID if it is set for the group without execute?  I'm no unix sys admin and have researched on the web for anything helpful regarding this error but so far - zilch!  Any help appreciated - thanks in advance!