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Can't see Backup image from some client (Backup, Archive and Restore) after nbreplicate

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Hi !

yesterday I used the nbreplicate for replicate about 33 images from NB Domain A to NB domain B. (MSDP)

The replication was a success and the import was OK also  on the Master of domain B.

Next, I go in "Backup, Archive and Restore" of the Master of domain B to see all images I replicated.

About 3/4 of images are there and the 1/4 was not .

If I check in the catalog, ALL images are there....  Someone know why this happend ?


Thanks !



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@laguns97were those images belong to only one client or different clients ? If multiple clients are involved then try switching Source client names in Backup Archive Restore GUI and it should show you rest of images.

Hope it helps.

Hi !

it's a weird problem... everything is there, the only problem is we need to select "Virtual Machine Backups" for the restore type for these images.  Why... I don't know !


Thanks !!


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Well my take is it had to match the policy type used for backup. So in other words - the best imho is to check if all client's backups were imported is to compare outcome from this command:

bpimagelist -client client_name -hoursago 240

this will produce you list of backup images no matter of policy type used with it....

for more on bpimagelist visit here


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I agree with @quebek  - the BAR GUI is very specific to Policy type and other parameters, even exact spelling of client name that must match the Policy.

The Catalog section or bpimagelist will be the best if you simply want to verify the presence of backup images.

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Choosing the correct restore type has always been important for a VM, since it allows you to switch from recovering the VMDK or the granular files (if enabled).

It should be working ike this in the original domain, too.