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Can we have Data Domain multiple disk pool on single storage server

Level 3

Hi All,

I am setting up AIR replication between two netbackup domains. I wanted to know if we can have two disk pool type Data Domain sharing single storage server in data domain in netbackup domain.

I want to keep local data and AIR data in seperate disk pool. We have data domain and in netbackup Domain A we have configured single storage server. Local Backup goes to diskpool_1. I want to create disk_pool2 on data domain using same storages server. disk_pool2 will receive AIR data from Netbackup Domain B. Need to know if its possible or not.


Another question : Can we use single disk pool for backup and AIR data of remote site. I have done that in netbackup appliances in past, wanted to know if we can do same in Data Domain storage server or not


Level 4
Yes you can create mutiple diskpool on single storage server.
You need to create mutiple Storage unit (mtrees) on datadomain and then create disk pool in netbackup for each storage unit resides on DD.

It is good configuration to keep saprate diskpool. One for AIR and another for normal backups. I never used same disk pool for AIR and non AIR data because i do not like to mix it. but i hope it will work.