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Can you create a solaris 9 SRT in a ZFS filesystem??

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Hi All

I have a Solaris 10 update 6 master/boot server and I'm trying to create an srt for a Solaris 9 client.
The location i use to locate my srt's is a ZFS filesystem. i have no problem creating solaris 10 srt's in it.
But as soon as I try to create a solars 9 SRT i get the following.

Enter a [hostname:/]pathname containing a suitable Solaris 5.9
OS CDROM or OS image location [/cdrom/cdrom0] : /mnt/
This step may take considerable time. Please wait...
OS image installation did not succeed.
ERROR: export is not a local filesystem, cannot export /export/srt/test for install clients

Attempt to copy boot files did not succeed.
Correct any indicated problems and retry.Removing SRT "test" from server -- please stand by ...

Has any body else seen this or know of a workaround solution I can use?


Level 6
Hi Francis,

Have you seen this Tech Note document?
BUG REPORT: Problems creating and using a Solaris 10 Update 6 (10/08) and later Bare Metal Restore (BMR) Shared Resource Tree (SRT)

Per the document, "new binaries must be installed to allow BMR to recognize the new media format" to create a Solaris 10 Update 6 SRT.  Maybe you want to double check what's the BMR binaries version you have.

Level 4

Yes i have Netbackup 6.5.3 installed on my system and have download patches to fix the issue in the tech note you have mentioned, but my problem in not creating an SRT for Solaris 10, it for creating an SRT for Solaris 9.
My /export directory where I store my srt's is a ZFS filesytem and I'm thinking this is where the problem lies.

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Hi Francis

I have the exact same problem ....
It's no so much a Netbackup issue, more like Solaris.
Netbackup is trying to export your ZFS SRT to the Solaris 9 client. It should fail, since Solaris9 boxes won't be able to handle ZFS.
The first error output you have is from Solaris share command that need to be applied to UFS file system. Not ZFS.
What you would like from Sun is a little more specific error output like
"Can't share ZFS file system"

Only solution to the problem is to create any pre Solaris 10 SRT in UFS , not in ZFS.

The only thing you could expect to get from Netbackup is a better problem detection like
"Can't create Solaris9 SRT in ZFS , please use UFS"
or something simular.