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Can you use SLP with Web UI's Protection Plans?

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We're using a 5250 NetBackup Appliance with OS 4.1 (NetBackup 9.1). We are using 9.1's new functionality: granular backups over agentless AHV Nutanix VMs. But we haven't figured how to copy these backups to tape. Documentation on Granular AHV is limited to Web UI using Protection Plans instead of Policies (which are now called "Classic Policies"). With Protection Plans you can only use regular disk storage units, not tape libraries nor SLP.

We will check if we can manually duplicate as a regular backup, but judging from the indecipherable backup id's generated (in comparison to VMware policies backup ID's), I'm wondering it this is not supposed to be done.

If that fails, then we will have to complement the granular AHV Protection Plans with non-granular AHV "Hypervisor" Classic Policies.

PD: We also still haven't found a way to edit schedules once a Protection Plan is created, the only thing we can change is the backup window.