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Cannot Read Media Header, may not be NetBackup media or is corrupted (172)

I am trying to move my current Netbackup 6.5.4 catalog over to a new server running Netbackup 6.5.4.  I am getting a clean catalog backup on the old server however when I try to import the image to the new server I am getting the following error:

 Error bptm(pid=7064) block read is not a NetBackup or Backup Exec media header, len = 2048, media id 4707L4, drive index 0, data is NetBackup database backup
5/30/2012 3:32:39 PM - Error bpimport(pid=6568) Status = cannot read media header, may not be NetBackup media or is corrupted.
5/30/2012 3:32:39 PM - end Import; elapsed time: 00:00:51
cannot read media header, may not be NetBackup media or is corrupted(172)

I am sure the media is not corrupted and I have inventoried the robot on the new server however am still getting this error.  I have already read through the below thread with no luck:


The old server is running Windows 2003 32bit and the new server is running WIndows 2008 R2 64bit.  Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.


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First of all - you will need

First of all - you will need to upgrade your old server to 7.x, then migrate to new server. W2008 R2 master is only supported as from NBU 7.0. See :

NetBackup 6.x Operating System (CL) for Client,Server,NOM,NDMP,BMR,SAN Client,MSEO:


NetBackup 7 Operating System (CL) for Client,Server,Dedupe,OpsCenter,BMR,SAN Client,MSEO:

After upgrade of old server, use steps in this TN to migrate to new hardware:




Symantec 6.5.4 for Win2008 R2 64bit

I downloaded the 6.5.4 64bit version for Windows2008 R2.  My goal is to eventually upgrade but until I can get it through procurment I wanted to get my catalog off of this older server as it is starting to degrade.  Is there anyway to move the catalog from Win2003 to my Win2008 R2 server with what I have now?

NBU 6.5.x 64-bit is for

NBU 6.5.x 64-bit is for non-R2 W2008 and W2003. R2 only supported as from 7.0.

NBU upgrade is free if maintenance renewal is up to date. If maintenance is not up to date, please show your management this EOL URL:

I would not even attempt 6.5 installation on R2. If it's not supported, I walk away.... too many bad experiences!