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Cannot restore backup from SQL Server 2005 to 2012

Server A: Windows Server 2003 x64, SQL Server 2005, NetBackup 7.5

Server B: Windows Server 2008 x64, SQL Server 2012, NetBackup 7.5

From Server A, we're trying to restore a backup from SQL Server 2005 to Server B, which has newly installed SQL Server 2012, after running for about one hour it error out with this error: "Cannot open backup device 'xxxxxxx'. Operating system error 0x80070002(The system cannot find the file specified.)"

Any advise how to resolve this issue? 

Here is the condensed error log file:


ERR - Error in GetConfiguration: 0x80770003.
    CONTINUATION: - The api was waiting and the timeout interval had elapsed.
DBMS MSG - ODBC return code <-1>, SQL State <37000>, SQL Message <3201><[Microsoft][SQL Native Client][SQL Server]Cannot open backup device 'XXXXXXX'. Operating system error 0x80070002(The system cannot find the file specified.).>.

DBMS MSG - SQL Message <3013><[Microsoft][SQL Native Client][SQL Server]RESTORE DATABASE is terminating abnormally.>

ERR - Error in VDS->Close: 0x80770004.

Thank you!

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Do verify if SQL 2012 is set

Do verify if SQL 2012 is set to accept DB from legacy version. ask DBA to check that

Also increase timeout in restore script to 1800 and check


My first question as well -

My first question as well - did you verify that Microsoft supports this kind of restore?

If so, we need more information.
What exact steps were taken to perform redirected restore?
Please post restore script as well as dbclient log on Server B. (Hope you have created dbclient log folder before attempting the restore.)

It is possibe that your restore failure is caused by Client Read Timeout - see this topic in NBU for SQL Admin Guide:


About minimizing timeout failures on large SQL Server database restores
Client Read Timeout of a couple of hours may be needed, or else see this section: 
If you use SQL Server 2005 or later, you can eliminate file initialization during SQL Server restores.
See “About instant data file initialization” on page 52.
PS: Please rename restore script and dbclient log to .txt files and post as File attachments.

Thank you for your

Thank you for your response! Yes SQL 2012 is backward compatible to SQL 2005. The reason we’re not restoring from SQL 2012 (Server B) is because NetBackup’s MS SQL Client is not able connect with SQL 2012 ("Application connection failed for . Please select a different SQL Server host and instance"), see my separate support thread “Connection issue with NetBackup MS SQL Client’. We have tried doing restore from SQL Server 2012 (without going through NetBackup) and indeed we encountered timeout failure.

silly question. I can see

silly question.

I can see that the Server A: Windows Server 2003 is a 64 bit system.

What is your 2005 SQL 64 or 32 bit?

If I remember correctly there is a problem restoring 32 bit to 64 bit SQL.


Hi Stefanos, I checked SQL

Hi Stefanos,

I checked SQL Server 2005, from Server Properties - Product, it indicate "Mircrosoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition (64-bit)"


.... indeed we encountered

.... indeed we encountered timeout failure.

Have you tried a timeout of 3 hours or else instant data file initialization as per my previous post?

Have you tried to work through any of the suggestions in you other post?


Are you using Always

Are you using Always On/Availability Groups ?


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Re: Cannot restore backup from SQL Server 2005 to 2012

Do one thing... first of all u didnt mention where the bak file location that you want to restore...
i think its on some other drive except C:\.So do one thing give permisssion for the drive that situate the DB backup.

1.Right click and go to properties>security>select the user>edit >give tick ,ark to all check box...
<> Done...Try to restore