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Catalog Backup failed with error status 2

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We are using symantic veritas 6.5.6 to backup all unix and windows servers.Our backup server is on win2k8 enterprise 64 bit.

We recently come across issue where backup of catalog failed with error message 2.

Troubleshooting steps done:

I have restarted netbackup services using bpdown and bpup.but no vain

Current bpps output.

C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin>bpps.exe
* INDELGG4GHST                                           9/08/15 17:24:53.143
COMMAND           PID      LOAD             TIME   MEM                  START
bpinetd          6544    0.000%            0.655   13M   9/08/15 15:56:49.646
bpjava-msvc     16008    0.000%            0.062  9.5M   9/08/15 15:56:49.771
nbevtmgr        12928    0.000%            0.920   27M   9/08/15 15:56:50.090
dbsrv9          15212    0.000%            5.428   30M   9/08/15 15:56:50.350
nbemm           21340    0.000%            2.496   50M   9/08/15 15:56:50.994
nbrb             4604    0.000%            0.967   34M   9/08/15 15:56:51.406
vmd             18388    0.000%            0.265   19M   9/08/15 15:56:51.689
ltid            19128    0.000%            0.327   23M   9/08/15 15:56:51.863
nbrmms          19172    0.000%            0.936   30M   9/08/15 15:56:52.040
bpdbm           20832    0.000%            0.327   20M   9/08/15 15:56:52.320
bpjobd          24452    0.000%            0.296   18M   9/08/15 15:56:52.458
bpcompatd       20564    0.000%            0.062   14M   9/08/15 15:56:52.527
bprd            17568    0.000%            0.374   18M   9/08/15 15:56:52.713
nbjm            30492    0.000%            1.092   27M   9/08/15 15:56:52.908
nbproxy         21376    0.000%            0.156   20M   9/08/15 15:56:53.131
nbpem           23468    0.000%            2.090   31M   9/08/15 15:56:53.177
nbproxy         23944    0.000%            3.400   22M   9/08/15 15:56:53.406
nbsl            25336    0.000%            2.308   29M   9/08/15 15:56:53.464
nbvault         24772    0.000%            0.187   22M   9/08/15 15:56:53.817
bmrd            22696    0.000%            0.202   21M   9/08/15 15:56:54.038
nbstserv        21532    0.000%            0.795   26M   9/08/15 15:56:55.705
nbsvcmon         5848    0.000%            0.171   19M   9/08/15 15:56:56.384
NBConsole        6980    0.000%            8.299   62M   9/08/15 15:57:17.234
tldd            31008    0.000%            0.109   19M   9/08/15 15:57:25.193
avrd            29240    0.000%            3.666   18M   9/08/15 15:57:25.199
tldcd           23204    0.000%            0.202   19M   9/08/15 15:57:29.397
nbproxy         12824    0.000%            0.109   19M   9/08/15 16:55:47.064
nbproxy         31460    0.000%            0.124   20M   9/08/15 17:07:08.101
bpbrm           26860    0.000%            0.140   17M   9/08/15 17:10:01.467
bptm            15840    0.000%            0.140   23M   9/08/15 17:10:06.756
bptm             6716    0.000%            0.093   19M   9/08/15 17:10:13.490
bpbrm            2392    0.000%            0.093   17M   9/08/15 17:10:13.536
bpps             7104    0.000%            0.062  9.2M   9/08/15 17:24:52.072

When i execute catalog backup.2 jobs gets executed which fails.

Also backup failed jobs logs.

Job 1:

9/8/2015 5:26:25 PM - Info bpdbm(pid=31076) staging relational database files for catalog backup     
9/8/2015 5:26:25 PM - Info bpdbm(pid=31076) staging BMRDB backup to C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackupDB\staging      
9/8/2015 5:26:26 PM - Error bpdbm(pid=31076) error staging BMRDB backup to C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackupDB\staging     
9/8/2015 5:26:26 PM - Info bpdbm(pid=31076) staging NBDB backup to C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackupDB\staging      
9/8/2015 5:26:28 PM - Info bpdbm(pid=31076) done staging NBDB backup to C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackupDB\staging     
none of the requested files were backed up(2)

Job 2:

9/8/2015 5:26:25 PM - requesting resource indelgg4ghst.NBU_CATALOG.MAXJOBS
9/8/2015 5:26:25 PM - granted resource indelgg4ghst.NBU_CATALOG.MAXJOBS
9/8/2015 5:26:25 PM - estimated 49306136 kbytes needed
9/8/2015 5:26:25 PM - begin Parent Job
9/8/2015 5:26:25 PM - begin Catalog Backup, Start Notify Script
9/8/2015 5:26:25 PM - started process RUNCMD (25712)
9/8/2015 5:26:25 PM - ended process 0 (25712)
Status 0
9/8/2015 5:26:25 PM - end Catalog Backup, Start Notify Script; elapsed time: 00:00:00
9/8/2015 5:26:25 PM - begin Catalog Backup, DBM Query
Status 2
9/8/2015 5:26:31 PM - end Catalog Backup, DBM Query; elapsed time: 00:00:06
9/8/2015 5:26:31 PM - begin Catalog Backup, Stop On Error
Status 0
9/8/2015 5:26:31 PM - end Catalog Backup, Stop On Error; elapsed time: 00:00:00
9/8/2015 5:26:31 PM - begin Catalog Backup, End Notify Script
9/8/2015 5:26:31 PM - started process RUNCMD (27344)
9/8/2015 5:26:31 PM - ended process 0 (27344)
Status 0
9/8/2015 5:26:31 PM - end Catalog Backup, End Notify Script; elapsed time: 00:00:00
Status 2
9/8/2015 5:26:31 PM - end Parent Job; elapsed time: 00:00:06
none of the requested files were backed up(2)

Please suggest what can be done to resolve the issue.




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You need to upgrade your environment - NBU 6.x ran out of support 3 years ago.

About catalog backup - 

Please health-check and validate your NBDB database: 

cd <Install Path>\NetBackup\bin>

nbdb_ping -dbn NBDB

nbdb_admin -validate -full

Run manual backup:

nbdb_backup -dbn NBDB -online <destination path> -truncate_tlog 

Level 5
Thanks marianne for the responce. Below please find outputs of commands. C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin>nbdb_ping -dbn NBDB Database [NBDB] is alive and well on server [NB_INDELGG4GHST]. C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin>nbdb_admin -validate -full Adaptive Server Anywhere Validation Utility Version Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_AllocationStatus Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_Allocations Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_ApiMediaType Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_ApiVendor Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_AppCluster_Server Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_BarcodeRule Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_DeletedMedia Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_Density Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_DensitySupport Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_Device Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_DiskGroup Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_DiskGroup_StorageUnit Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_DiskVolume Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_DiskVolumeMountPoint Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_DriveIndex Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_DriveInquiry Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_DriveType Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_DriveType_Density_MediaTyp Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_FatClient Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_FatInitiatorDevice Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_FatPipe Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_FatServer Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_FatTargetDevice Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_Image Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_ImageCopy Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_ImageFragment Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_LibraryGroup Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_LibraryInquiry Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_LibraryType Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_Machine Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_MachineAlias Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_MachineConfig Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_MachineDeviceConnection Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_Machine_ServerGroup Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_Media Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_MediaAffinityGroup Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_MediaGroup Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_MediaPool Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_MediaServer_NdmpFiler Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_MediaType Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_MediaType_ApiMediaType Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_Media_MediaAffinityGroup Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_Merge Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_NdmpCredentials Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_ServerGroup Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_StorageServer Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_StorageServer_DiskGroup Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_StorageUnit Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_StorageUnitGroup Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_StorageUnit_Machine Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_StorageUnit_STUGroup Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_TechnologyGroup Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_TechnologyGroup_LibraryGrp Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_VaultContainer Validating EMM_MAIN.EMM_Version Validating RB_MAIN.RB_Allocation Validating RB_MAIN.RB_Allocation_Type Validating RB_MAIN.RB_Drive_Allocation_Error Validating RB_MAIN.RB_MDS_Allocation Validating RB_MAIN.RB_MDS_Job_Information Validating RB_MAIN.RB_MDS_Reservation Validating RB_MAIN.RB_MDS_TransportAllocation Validating RB_MAIN.RB_Media_Allocation_Error Validating RB_MAIN.RB_Named_Resource Validating RB_MAIN.RB_Provider_Type Validating SYS.DUMMY Validating SYS.SYSARTICLE Validating SYS.SYSARTICLECOL Validating SYS.SYSATTRIBUTE Validating SYS.SYSATTRIBUTENAME Validating SYS.SYSCAPABILITY Validating SYS.SYSCAPABILITYNAME Validating SYS.SYSCHECK Validating SYS.SYSCOLLATION Validating SYS.SYSCOLLATIONMAPPINGS Validating SYS.SYSCOLPERM Validating SYS.SYSCOLSTAT Validating SYS.SYSCOLUMN Validating SYS.SYSCONSTRAINT Validating SYS.SYSDOMAIN Validating SYS.SYSEVENT Validating SYS.SYSEVENTTYPE Validating SYS.SYSEXTENT Validating SYS.SYSEXTERNLOGINS Validating SYS.SYSFILE Validating SYS.SYSFKCOL Validating SYS.SYSFOREIGNKEY Validating SYS.SYSGROUP Validating SYS.SYSHISTORY Validating SYS.SYSINDEX Validating SYS.SYSINFO Validating SYS.SYSIXCOL Validating SYS.SYSJAR Validating SYS.SYSJARCOMPONENT Validating SYS.SYSJAVACLASS Validating SYS.SYSLOGIN Validating SYS.SYSOPTBLOCK Validating SYS.SYSOPTION Validating SYS.SYSOPTJOINSTRATEGY Validating SYS.SYSOPTORDER Validating SYS.SYSOPTQUANTIFIER Validating SYS.SYSOPTREQUEST Validating SYS.SYSOPTREWRITE Validating SYS.SYSOPTSTAT Validating SYS.SYSPROCEDURE Validating SYS.SYSPROCPARM Validating SYS.SYSPROCPERM Validating SYS.SYSPUBLICATION Validating SYS.SYSREMOTEOPTION Validating SYS.SYSREMOTEOPTIONTYPE Validating SYS.SYSREMOTETYPE Validating SYS.SYSREMOTEUSER Validating SYS.SYSSCHEDULE Validating SYS.SYSSERVERS Validating SYS.SYSSQLSERVERTYPE Validating SYS.SYSSUBSCRIPTION Validating SYS.SYSSYNC Validating SYS.SYSTABLE Validating SYS.SYSTABLEPERM Validating SYS.SYSTRIGGER Validating SYS.SYSTYPEMAP Validating SYS.SYSUSERMESSAGES Validating SYS.SYSUSERPERM Validating SYS.SYSUSERTYPE Validating SYS.SYSWEBSERVICE Validating dbo.EXCLUDEOBJECT Validating dbo.RowGenerator Validating dbo.ix_consultant_affected_columns Validating dbo.ix_consultant_capture Validating dbo.ix_consultant_index Validating dbo.ix_consultant_ixcol Validating dbo.ix_consultant_log Validating dbo.ix_consultant_master Validating dbo.ix_consultant_query_index Validating dbo.ix_consultant_query_phase Validating dbo.ix_consultant_query_text Validating dbo.ix_consultant_workload Validating dbo.jdbc_function_escapes Validating dbo.migrate_remote_fks_list Validating dbo.migrate_remote_table_list Validating dbo.migrate_sql_defn Validating dbo.ml_connection_script Validating dbo.ml_device Validating dbo.ml_device_address Validating dbo.ml_listening Validating dbo.ml_property Validating dbo.ml_qa_delivery Validating dbo.ml_qa_global_props Validating dbo.ml_qa_notifications Validating dbo.ml_qa_repository Validating dbo.ml_qa_repository_props Validating dbo.ml_qa_repository_staging Validating dbo.ml_qa_status_history Validating dbo.ml_qa_status_staging Validating dbo.ml_script Validating dbo.ml_script_version Validating dbo.ml_scripts_modified Validating dbo.ml_subscription Validating dbo.ml_table Validating dbo.ml_table_script Validating dbo.ml_user Validating dbo.spt_collation_map Validating dbo.spt_jdatatype_info Validating dbo.spt_jdbc_conversion Validating dbo.spt_jtext Validating dbo.spt_mda Validating dbo.ul_file Validating dbo.ul_statement Validating dbo.ul_variable Validating rs_systabgroup.rs_lastcommit Validating rs_systabgroup.rs_threads No errors reported Database [NBDB] validation successful. C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin>nbdb_backup -dbn NBDB -online D:\NBU Catalog\GG7-Catalog\GG7- Catalog-new -truncate_tlog Online backup of database to D:\NBU failed. C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin> I have also initiated catalog backup manually through policy--manual backup but still it is failing with same code.

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You have a space in this path: D:\NBU  Catalog\GG7-Catalog\GG7- Catalog-new So either put the path in " " or try another path without spaces. As long as nbdb_backup is failing, the hot catalog backup will also fail. We need to look at logs at this point in time. To be honest, I'm not sure which ones. The first one that comes to mind is server.log. I have recently seen a similar issue on a Linux master server where some bp.conf entries were missing. I will look it up later in the day and get back. You can then check the equivalent in the registry.

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The bp.conf entry that was missing on the Linux master was VXDBMS_NB_DATA.

I do not have access to a Windows master to compare entries.

Please check contents of these files:


Also check server.log as previously suggested:



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Thanks for the reply. I have restarted the server yesterday and excecuted catalog manually.The policy executed successfully without any error. Today i am executed catalog backup,it is giving the same error error code 2. PFA files for your reference

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I cannot open zipped files on my phone. Will try a bit later in the day if time permits. Hopefully other forums can help...

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I do not see any error.

Have you tried another manual nbdb_backup command without spaces is the path? 
Or with the path in quotes "D:\NBU Catalog\GG7-Catalog\GG7-
Catalog-new" ?
(Please confirm that the path exists before running the command.)

The only other suggestion from my side is to log a Support call with Symantec.

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Thanks Marianne.

I have restarted the server and now catalog backup is woorking fine.

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HI Ankushkalra

  I hope you will find root cause

not make sense to restart backup server every day.

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Step 1 needs to be to upgrade to supported version of NBU!