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Catalog DR Recovery file and email

Level 6

Windows 2008r2 master and media servers, running Netbackup 7504.


Hello again,


I've spent the past couple days (as I've had time), reading articles, forum posts, etc, surrounding the fairly common issue of not receiving the DR file once a catalog backup completes. Sorry for beating a horse. I also dont receive alerts I have in place for long-running jobs, etc, but thats a secondary issue to the DR file. I have a Disaster Recovery rehearsal coming up, and need to get this working. I do receive the daily failure reports that I have configured....just not getting needed alerting or DR file. I know well the file path to where the catalog information gets saved, and I suppose I could cheat, and note the tape ID(s) of the last full successful catalog backup, but that's not kosher for DR.  

Here's what I have already tried.

 - Checked for installation of blat, and installation looks correct.

 - I've located the nbmail.cmd file, and renamed it to mail_dr_info.cmd, checked that @REM did not exist in front of lines where it does not need to be, and confirmed that the SMTPrelay is set up. 

 - I created c:\testfile.txt, and was able to send that to my email address successfully.

 - I confirmed that the correct email address was in the Catalog backup policy.

I ran a catalog backup, and it completed with status 0, but I received no email, and checked junk email as well.

Can I provide some additional info here? If so, please let me know.

Thank you,




P.S. A word of note - My catalog backup spawns 4 jobs.


 - Parent job

 - A "CATALOG_DRIVEN_BACKUP" job that always finishes with a status 1 due to BMRDB and NBAZDB staging error.

 - A job backing up the DARS_DATA.db which generally completes with with status 0

 - Another "CATALOG_DRIVEN_BACKUP" job generally finishes with status 0 (largest part of the backup, 750+gb).

Could it be that status 1 job with the BMRDB and NBAZDB issues causing it not to send the DR file email, since it also causes the Parent job to fail with status 1? If so, do I really even need those two for a catalog recovery?



Level 6

The BMRDB & NBAZDB catalog backup issue could be a problem of vxdbms.conf setup , as detailed in It's better to get this resolved first and have catalog backup completed with status 0.

I am not too sure if a status 1 would skip an alert email, but here are a few things I tried before when email is not received:

- Use a single person email address, instead of a mailing list to test.
- Have you tested from command line, that nbmail.cmd (or mail_dr_info.cmd) can read and send the DR file to your email address?

- Check if your master server has got the netbackup binary folders included in the PATH env. variable, so that it can run the mail_dr_info.cmd from any paths.

- Enable bpbrm logs to check if it's calling mail_dr_info.cmd to send out the email. Or could it be reading a different file name?


Level 6

Check if blat is setup correctly - check the registry:

Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WoW6432Node\Public Domain\Blat

Are the following set :

Sender   anything within reason  no_reply is a good one  

SMTP Port  should be 25

SMTP Server  set to the mail gateway

Try  set  1 or how many attempts you want


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Partner Accredited Certified

OK - the odd status could have an effect - so in the mail_dr_info.cmd only remove the @REM from the line that ends in -attach %4 and not any of the other lines.

So it should look like:

@REM @IF "%~4"=="" (

@REM blat %3 -s %2 -t %1 -i NetBackup -server WARTHOG -q

blat %3 -s %2 -t %1 -i NetBackup -server yoursmptserver -q -attach %4
@REM )


As long as blat is correctly setup and will accept relays (as tespecially as this is sent from "NetBackup") and this file is in you netbackup\bin directory then it should work.

As your tests and nomal mails work i am assuming that anti-virus / firewalls are not preventing it - so give this a go if your file was different. (If you have changed "NetBackup in you nbmail.cmd file then use the same name in this one)

Hope this helps

Level 6

Jim-90, I check the registry, and that looks fine.

Mark, I've made the change


 @copy /y %3 %TEMP%\nbmail.tmp > NUL
 @echo . >> %TEMP%\nbmail.tmp
@REM @IF "%~4"=="" (
@REM blat %TEMP%\nbmail.tmp -s %2 -to %1 -server -q
blat %TEMP%\nbmail.tmp -s %2 -to %1 -server -q -attach %4
@REM )
@REM -


Also, should I have an nbmail.cmd AND a mail_dr_info.cmd file? I do have both.

I had also read in other places that people had issues with this once they upgraded from NBU 7.1 to 7.5, that somewhere around version, there were changes to the file and parmms. Could this be an issue for me. I do not believe Ive received these files since we started with 7.5, but I do maintain the path of the catalog backup files, just in case.

Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified

Having both nbmail and mail_dr_info is fine

I have done some digging and there was one change between versions - take a look at this tech note - if the script as i have said does not work then work through this tech note to see if it cracks it for you:


Level 3

Check whether you have SMTP server access by telnet the port 25 from your backup server.




Level 6

Sathish, I do have. By the way, in troubleshooting this issue, I was able to resolve the side issue of the status 1 backups for the Catalog. But, I'm fairly convinced at this point that Symantec is not the reason I'm not receiving the DR file in my email. I've been through Google, Technotes, other foums, blogs, etc.  I dont really need it since I know the location of where the dr files are located on the server, so I'm closing this out, and going to work further with our Exchange admin.  Thank you for all of the great suggestions!