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Catalog Failed to get status 2520

Level 3

When trying to run a catalog backup i get (2520) Failed to get status code information. I noticed this started to happen when i had jobs running for a long time and i stop and started the netbackup services via command line. Now i get (2520) Failed to get status code information when running a catalog backup. I also have noticed that VMWare policies when run it's stuck on active and will never finish. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Level 6

Check whether the below file exists on the master server.


If yes that means an old bpdbm process may still be running on the master server from an older catalog backup. If there are not active Catalog backup jobs running this file must not be present on the master server.

If the file exists you may try running "lsof /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/catbackup.lock" to identify if there is any bpdbm process still running on the server from the previous catalog backup and you would need to kill this as well.

Kindly delete the above mentioned file and then re-run the catalog back and see how that goes.