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Catalog Recovery Doesn't show client and policies we formed.

Level 4

How to perform Catalog recovery so that we can see our policies and client in Host Properties?


Level 6
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Treat your restore as a normal file restore, not a catalog recovery.

  • go to "backup archive and restore."
  • As the client and the destination, select the master server.
  • NBU_catalog as the policy type
  • Navigate to c:\program files\veritas\netbackup\db\class (or wherever NetBackup was installed).
  • Choose the policies you want to restore.
  • restore them

So, you are saying After doing Normal Catalog Recovery from the DR files the next step is we have to restore he policies from the Backup, Archive and Restore tab, right?

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A friendly advice.
You really need to take the netbackup administration and advanced administration courses.

If you want to reinstall NetBackup entirely, then you must do a catalog recovery. This will restore everything including policies.
But if you delete one or more policies, then you can follow the procedure I posted.

The problem is that it doesn't restores NetBackup policies that is the main problem, that How to do a Catalog recovery that restores everything, and the policies can you explain me this.


Level 6
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