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Catalog Recovery Using AIR

Dear Experts,

We are planning to replicate catalog backup using AIR to 2nd netbackup server [which will be there as standalone and will be used for DR purpose only.]

My question is that once we replicate the entire catalog backup to site B, how we can recover the catalog as it is visible just linke and backup image in 2nd master sever. Will catalog recovery wizard  can help in recoverying the catalog.

Just not that host-name will be different in 2nd maste server.



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Re: Catalog Recovery Using AIR


IMO a catalog backup like this is useless and you dont have a documented procedure how to recover 1st Master Server Catalog from it.

For this, you would have to configure 2nd Master Server incl. MSDP as a Media Server for 1st Master Server, you would also have to edit DR file in some way etc. So a procedure consisting of undocumented and unsupported steps..

When you want to have easy catalog recovery, backup the catalog to a network share residing in 2nd site, configured as a Basic Disk storage unit.



Re: Catalog Recovery Using AIR


The whole point of AIR is that you don't need to recover the catalog in site B. It is AUTOMATED IMAGE REPLICATION....

In other words, you configure AIR to replicate the backups of CLIENT A, B, C to the other Site (with other Master). Once it gets there, those backup images are automatically imported into the catalog so you can restore CLIENT A, B, C.

There is no real point to replicating the catalog backup to the other site (except maybe Audit) becuase you don't need to recover the Master to be able to restore CLIENT A, B, C. The other master will handle it.

You might use the replicated catalog backup if your main master is lost and you want to recover it (in it's original site).