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Catalog Recovery

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Hello Experts,

I was looking for the steps for catalog recovery when Media Servers are on Different Host(Netbackup Enterpriese)?

I found the below TN but it is helpfull when we have master/media server on the same host. 

We have one Master Enterprise server on host 1 and 5 media servers on 5 OSs.(All Windows)

In case we need to recover catalog from scratch 

Do we need to prepare Media servers with the previous Media Server host names and install the software, Patch level on the same path as it was earlier before doing the catalog recovery on master?

Because if we recover the catalog on master(Without Media Servers)  it will recover the storage units as well and Storage units wont help us untill we configure the Media Servers?

What do you suggest?




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Unless you have MSDP or OST media servers, there is NOTHING stored on a media server. 

All NBU DB info linked to a media server is stored in EMM on the master server.

Media server recovery is covered in the Disaster Recovery chapter in NetBackup Troubleshooting Guide 

For tape media server,  simply install OS using same hostname, attach and discover devices at OS-level and install drivers where applicable,  install and patch NBU, then rediscover devices in NBU as OS device paths may have changed.

If any STU attributes have changed, update those after device config.