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Catalog backup status 13

Level 4



My catalog disk has run out of space, and then netbackup stopped. I have made some space on the catalog disk agian, but now i keep getting a status 13 error when i try to make a catalog backup. ?


Have anyone seen this before. ?


Level 6
Partner    VIP    Accredited Certified

Status 13 is either a real 'file read' error or a 'network read' error.

Please give us as much info as possible about the failing job:

Do you see a parent job and child jobs?
How many child jobs?
What is the status of each of these child jobs?

Please copy all text in Details tab of failing job and post here.

Other info that may help:

How did you 'make space'?
Have you confirmed that all daemons/processes have started after making space?