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Catalog migration to different os

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n my environment windows master server is there with 7.5 .we are planing to move to Linux server

how to migrate catalog from windows master server to Linux master server.

catalog migration for same os platform I know how to migrate, but different to os platform i have know idea,

Please share your opinions and ideas if any one have faced this kind of seniors



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Hi Luckky

Unfortunately the only way to migrate a master server from Windows to Linux is to enage Veritas consulting.
You can perform the migration yourself if it is to the same basic platform (i.e. Windows to Windows) and can include an upgrade to a more current version (as you are running 7.5, you will be restricted to the Windows version you can upgrade to (I don't recall but I do not believe WIndows 2016 is supported for instance - possibly not even 2012).

Ii I were you I'd consider engaging Veritas to both upgrade (and potentially migrate) your NetBackup version to something that is supported.



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Herewith Veritas article regarding migration to different OS:

DOCUMENTATION: How to migrate the NetBackup catalog information from one platform to another (UNIX to Windows or vice versa), rename a Master Server, cluster an existing Master Server, or merge multiple NetBackup domains.

You will need active maintenance contract with Veritas, as the new master will need to be on a currently supported NBU version. The consulting tools support migration from older NBU version.