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Catalog status 98

My catalog backups are erroring at with a status 98 error requesting media.

First, I tried allocating another tape to the catalog... Thinking that there wasn't enough space. Well, I'm still getting the same error: 'The following error occurred while attempting to backup the netbackup catalog: error requesting media. Kind of strange, but any hints you have would be appreciated.
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Re: Catalog status 98


Take a look at the link,

STATUS CODE 98: "Error requesting media (tpreq)" occurs, but only on a catalog backup. Normal backups complete without error.

This issue can occur when a previous catalog backup still has a pending request in the device monitor for the catalog backup media ID.

To confirm if the pending request exists, do the following:
1. Within the NetBackup (tm) Administration Console, expand Media and Device Management in the left pane
2. In the left pane, click Device Monitor
3. Observe if there is a Pending request window to the right, listing the catalog backup media ID

A pending request can occur for various reasons, including temporary lack of robotic functionality or other general issues with the robotic control host. If the catalog media was temporarily removed from the robot, this may have also been the cause.

However, if normal backups are operating as expected, the pending request should simply be denied in order to allow the media to be mounted again.

Master Log Files:

Activity monitor (Detailed status):
Error bptm error requesting media, TpErrno = Filename already exists
Error bpbackupdb load of media id 0002L2 failed, error requesting media (tpreq)

Media Server Log Files: N/A

Client Log Files: N/A

To deny the pending request, right-click the pending request that is present in the device monitor. Click Deny request to deny the pending request. Then, ensure that the media in question is in the robot. Re-run the catalog backup.

hope it helps.

Re: Catalog status 98

This was helpful. Thank you.