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Catalog very large after update 8.1.2

Level 4

i recently updated my master/media servers to 8.1.2.  i have a server (i'll call production) that backs up & replicates to another server (i'll call DR) that just imports.

Both servers are identical in setup and have always in the past best Relatively close in pool sizes and file sizes.

On my production servers the ADV pool run out of space. I noticed the catalog "Disc Image File " is 2 times the size of the DR server i updated.   they have always been close to same size.

could something have not been converted?  it shows the DB conversion "finished".

not sure if something is not set correctly after update.



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Best to log a call with Veritas Support. 

They have the tools and time to investigate that the rest of us do not have. 

There is nothing documented in 8.1.2 LBN to indicate a problem with dedupe catalog. 


thanks but i wasn't wanting anyone to spend time investigating ,,, i was wondering if anyone has had the same issue and what they had to do.