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Change NBU Domain for Media Server & Appliance

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Hi all,


I want to move a NetBackup Media server with MSDP and an N5020 appliance to a new NetBackup Master. And I need to keep the backup data in the MSDP pools to allow restore in the future

I tried to apply procedure to change MSDP pool of physical server : expire data with -nodelete option, uninstall NBU, reinstall it, create MSDP pool with same directory, and import it.

It look easy but I had some issues with MSDP re-creation (creation of disk pool was impossible in the wizard). Finally I created it as PureDisk Storage Server (not MDSP) and it worked. Import was partially successfull (only Full backups were imported for 2 clients).

Something is strange : I don't know how it found the storage path because I never set it after NBU reinstall !!


Have you any idea to do this operation (for media server and for an N5020 appliance) ?

Thank you all !

Note : NetBackup servers are Windows Server, and NetBackup version is : for media server, and for the master.





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To remove the media server you will have to decommission media server. Refer to TECH62119 for this process. But to retain your catalog and data is going to be tricky. Marianne talks more about this on this thread:

You have 2 choices:

1. Start with the VERY lengthy process of importing all media and disk images on the B-site. You should not do ANY backups in site B to prevent media with valid backups on them from being overwritten.
Then expire all images on MasterA that are owned by MediaB and delete MediaB from MasterA EMM database. (Can also be accomplished with nbdecommission.)

2. Get Consulting assistance from a certified Catalog Manipulation partner to split the databases on MasterA and move relevant media and image catalogs to MasterB.

There is a 3rd option, if you can, AIR your data to a MSDP pool on your new master. You would need to leave the media server set up on the old master to do this.


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Thank you Terry.


It is not a problem to make an import of images on the new master server, because there are fex images to import, so, do a real split catalog is a little bit too much.

The most important part of my question is : how to reinstall a media server with MSDP storage on a new domain, without lose image backup, because I want to import them.

And I have the same question for N5020, that is only PureDisk Storage.



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Best to contact a Symantec Consulting partner to merge/migrate the 2 environments without running the risk of losing any backups.

The tools that they use really makes the migration a smooth operation that gurantees functionality of all aspects.

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Hi Marianne,


I have the catalog manipulation certification, but NetBackup still have a lot of secrets for me ;)

My idea was to move only storage and import backup images. In this case, I do not need to manipulate catalog (that need to pay specific support). 

I don't know what are dependancies between a master and a MSDP on a media server. Is MSDP completly independant ? 

Chapter "Replacing the MSDP storage server host computer" from dedup guide (7.6) seems say that I can user storage used for dedupplication on a new server, and do a simple import.

On a N50x0 "PureDisk" appliance, your are not in a domain, but your appliance is used as storage server by NetBackup media servers. What appends if you connect it on an other domain, create STS & DP, and do an import ?



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Here is my own experience with MSDP import:

Import MSDP images