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Change drive for a backup job.

Level 4


Is it possible to change drive for a running backup in between without cancelling the job and assign the drive to some other backup job ?

This question comes as I faced an issue over the weekend where I had to cancel a Job which was running for about a day to run another critical job on that drive.

I know one method is to have checkpoints so that I can pause the job and resume it later, but is it possible through some other way?




Level 6

Only way I can think of is what you've already considered - suspend the current running job(s), wait for drive to be freed & start your critical job.

Have had to do that to allow an urgent restore if no drives available.

Note: I have on occasion found the suspend/resume not to work as advertised i.e. resumed job starts from the beginning and also that a job will only stay suspended for so long before failing with a 157 & then restarting

I presume you only have one suitable drive available?

Level 4

Thanks Andy for your response.

Well I have more than one drive available but some SAN media servers only have 1 or 2 drives allocated.

Level 2

Lost my original CD of an application that I need to move from an old computer to a new computer. Is it possible to create an image file of that apjplication on the old computer and restore it on my new computer. Should it run O.K. on the new computer or is there somethin additional I have to do?

Level 6

If you have a lib with san attached drives and you get SSO , then you can zone all the tape drives to all the media servers and would not have to wait for a specific drive to become avail.