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Changing Media Server of Local NDMP Backup

Level 5

Master :- LINUX

Media Server:- LINUX

We are taking backup of NDMP filer through NDMP storage unit. We are planning to change the existing configuration and create new Storage unit with new media server and start taking NDMP backup through it. We will do the zoning of the drives accordingly to the new media server and the filer.


Please suggest how we can proceed further with it.

Also in case restore is required from previous backup image how we can get that working as that was written using the old media server and now NDMP backups are getting done through new media server.

I think we can't use the bpmedia -movedb as we will be still using the old media server to take backp of other servers using media manager storage unit.

Can we use the fore media server entry in bp.conf for the same.?


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Add NDMP credentials for the new media server using tpconfig or the GUI.
See :
NetBackup for NDMP Administrator's Guide
NetBackup for NDMP NAS Appliance Information 

Change the STU in the NDMP policy to the new STU.

FORCE_RESTORE.... does not work for NDMP backups.
Change media ownership with bpmedia -movedb ....

Thanks for the links Marianne.