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Changing Netbackup Master server for a NBU appliance

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Hello All,

Our customer have a netbackup master server in a Windows VM and a NBU appliance.

Due to the need to change network setting, where we need to change the hostname and  IP address of the master server, we plan to clone the VM (so that the original VM is not disturbed).into another network subnet...after we do the cloning, what changes must we make to the NBU appliance media server to use the new clone VM netbackup master server ? If changing hostname and IP address of the VM master server require massive change, we can just change IP address, but again can someone advice what configuration should be make so that the NBU appliance can use the master server (with IP address) change ?

Thank you


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Changing a master server hostname is not a DIY job.
The hostname is so deeply embedded in the various databases that only trained Veritas Consultants have the tools to perform the change.

Please reach out to your local Veritas Partner for a Catalog Manipulation quote.

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Hi @cc1702004 

As @Marianne indicates, changing the master server name is not something that you should think of doing yourself.

To answer the second part of your question - changing the IP address is simple a matter of making the change on the master and updating the relevant DNS (or hosts files if you use them). You would also want to run the "bpclntcmd -clear_host_cache" command on the appliance (and potentially clients) to remove the reference to the old IP address.

Your proposed method of cloning the VM is also valid (assuming it is shutdown first). 


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What Marianne says. That said, I'd highly recommend everyone try it in a TEST lab at least once when you've got some time, it's really fun learning just how embedded the hostname really is (particularly starting with v8.x versions). It's like solving a giant crossword puzzle but each clue isn't revealed until you solve the previous one correctly. And sometimes the clues change if you got a previous answer wrong. =) Just don't do it to an environment you care about.

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Changing hostname of a master server would NOT be recomended.   It will mess up many things.   

Your options are:

1) You can ask VERTIAS to provide consulatncy to do this, they have a tool called CATMAN that may help

2) Install, NEW master with the new name and IP, then use Tranzman (from StoneRam) to migrate the catalog and other configuration between them, this can all be done with NO downtime.   Then everything has been migrated, Tranzman will "switch" between the two masters and update media servers (including NBU applicanes), and clients as required.