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Classic Backup & Restore Luxury Comes to OpenStack with NetBackup 10.4+

Level 4

Classic Backup & Restore Luxury Comes to OpenStack with NetBackup 10.4 --- Available at Your Veritas Dealer Only!


Veritas NetBackup 10.4 brings OpenStack backups into the NetBackup storage layer! Now, you have access to the classic power and options that come with NetBackup data image storage in your OpenStack protection and recovery plans. Even multi-bucket tenant isolation is possible. No other data protection vendor offers a complete data protection drive on the OpenStack highway like this. Especially with this level of performance.

Our User Ask

Since we first offered OpenStack protection and recovery, our users have been asking us to add the following to our OpenStack features:

  • Expansion of user ransomware recovery options
  • Support for more NetBackup-supported storage types
  • Reporting and analytics on all current images
  • Accelerator
  • Deduplication
  • Tenant isolation

Our User Answer

We’ve added these features by importing OpenStack data protection images directly into our Universal Shares using protection plans. Through the NetBackup Web UI, users can now easily perform seamless OpenStack backups and restores with these new features, and with even better throughput than before. 

Better performance and scale are achieved through the following improvements:

  • Recovery Performance improved through instant rollback from OpenStack storage snapshots with NetBackup Snapshot Manager (NBSM)
  • Use of OpenStack storage changed block tracking (CBT) limits amount of data moved during backups reducing network congestion. This allows more simultaneous backup streams
  • Less NetBackup target storage space needed via deduplication in MSDP
  • Single stage restores. Recover directly from NetBackup to OpenStack without third party middleware steps or gimmicks
  • Client-side deduplication reduces network congestion allowing more simultaneous backup streams

Greater flexibility in storage support through the following improvements:

  • All valid NetBackup 10.4+ target storage unit types are available for OpenStack data images
  • Different storage can be used in each protection plan
  • Tenant Isolation. Each OpenStack tenant can be protected separately
  • Deduplication is now a valid target storage option in duplications and replications
  • Ransomware integration. Malware scanning for OpenStack backup images is available
  • Reporting is available on OpenStack data images just like all other valid NetBackup 10.4+ images
  • Accelerator can now be used in OpenStack backup jobs just like other backup jobs

How These Features Expand our Ransomware Resiliency

Now that NetBackup 10.4 ingests OpenStack data images into Universal Shares, these images become part of the catalog. Anomaly Detection can be used with cataloged images. Universal Shares also support storage lifecycle policy (SLP) technology and NetBackup appliances. That means Immutable Storage and encryption of the images at rest are also supported.

NetBackup 10.4 Universal Shares support both physical NFS and cloud S3 storage with full deduplication. No off-brand low-performance drivers or patchwork solutions are required to backup or restore OpenStack data. This new solution is fully integrated into OpenStack. NetBackup 10.4 fully automates the full OpenStack data lifecycle through the Universal Share lifecycle at the image level, for both protection backups and recovery restores.

Upgrade to NetBackup 10.4 today to enjoy all these new luxurious features and drive the OpenStack highway in style.