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Cleaning Tape

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Hi Dear Community,


There are 3 CLN (CLN23 CLN22 CLN68) tapes in the NONE Pool in Netbackup.When tape driver needs cleaning l used CLN23 tape. Last week when l try to clean the tape driver The CLN23 tape didn't clean the tape driver and l changed the CLN tape with CLN22. Now l see that the Cleaning Column shows 0 for CLN23.

What is the reason for be cleaning count 0?

Generally, the Default mount is 50. But how many of the default cleaning count?






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What is the reason for be cleaning count 0
Because the cleaning tape clean the drive 50 times or whatever was the cleaning count.

The cleaning count for LTO tapes is 50. But the default cleaning count in netbackup is 25.
If you have not change it to 50 manually when you add the cleaning tape, try to raise the cleaning count of CLN23 to 25 and check if it is working.

Thanks for the response!

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A cleaning tape can only be used 'x' number of times, before it needs to be replaced.  Therefore, each time it is used, the number of cleanings remaining decreases by 1.

Cleaning tapes can be used 'about' 50 times, although the exact number depends on the brand of the drive being cleaned, as the cleaning cycle is different between the makes of drives, so some drives will use 'more' of the cleaning tape than others, and so will get less than 50 cleans from a tape, so as an estimate, you get between 40 - 50 cleaning cycles.

Once the tape is finished, it won't allow itself to be used, so just be sure to have a 2 or 3 taps (as you have) so one is always available, and when one has run out, just replace it.