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Client side dedupe (storage side of the setup)

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Hello Forum Members

This is most likely me not understanding whats going on, but Im failing to see the wood from the trees regarding client side dedupe.

I know its potentially my solution - lots of slow clients on slow networks - but I cant see how to configure it on the media server end..can anyone enlighten me?  I'm thinking...some storage attached to a media server, but I cant see the right guide...not advanced disk, not puredisk, not openstorage, not shared disk , not basic disk, so ....which?

I'm hoping I can get some cost effective disk say ...zpool or perhaps zfs woulod be my choice, license it and then use it in a stunit and then throw my clients data at it...have I gotten the wrong end of the stick? Cost effective is important aka cheap.

I'm Sol 10  7.1,64bit soon to be 7.5 so I see 64Tb maximum , front end licensed, 1G mem/TB disk etc but not the how to and options of the storage.I have a few media servers already that are potential candidates.

Thanks in advance,Jim.


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You need direct attached disk or a SAN lun off of FC disks.

You then buy the NBU deduplication option, which is licensed per TB.  If the sum of all of your clients equals 5TB, you buy a 5TB license.  

The 64TB number is the maximum size the back-end disk can be.  

You also need to have enough RAM in your system.  1GB of RAM for each TB of disk that is behind the NBU server housing the dedupe storage.


It's not cheap, nothing is cheap, especially not deduplication.  fast disk, ram, licenses; it all adds up.

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Best option available with Symantec is NBU Appliance

Ask your local reseller or partner for availability and demo

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Thanks or input so far...I did consider an appliance but figure it ought to be more cost efficient if I reused a media server, bought some disk, set that up on there, but have failed to find a document that describes the storage setup side, ie can I just knock up zfs space and use that for example?