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Cloud Backup Error on Azure using CloudCatalyst

Level 4

Hello Community

What can cause an Issue with Cloud Duplication Failing with below Errors in esfs logs

This is usually only happening with larger uploads. Small ones are going fine.

Its a BYOD Cloud Catalyst Server with Netackup 8.2 running on Linux

{"level":"error","error":"->, /net/code/extsrc/go_sdk/azure/0.6/src/\nHTTP request failed\n\nPut net/http: request canceled (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)\n","file":"/catalyst_data/cache/userdata/data/83/85278.bin","fragment":0,"time":"2020-06-27T12:34:02.100631895+05:30","message":"Unable to upload fragment of file"}
{"level":"error","error":"->, /net/code/extsrc/go_sdk/azure/0.6/src/\nHTTP request failed\n\nPut net/http: request canceled (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)\n","file":"/catalyst_data/cache/userdata/data/83/85278.bin","blob":"catalystserver-container/5295/master.dxxx.xxxxxx.dcom/catalystserver.dxxx.xxxxxx.dcom/ESFS1/V1/37082/data/83/85278.dbin","time":"2020-06-27T12:34:02.100685404+05:30","message":"Unable to upload"}

Not able to find a relavent Error in Veritas Tech Notes

The Request seems to be timing out. 


Level 6


as you mentioned, small uploads are working fine but problem with only large uploads. can you verify network consistency between cloud catalyst and azure ? is the data transfer via a proxy ? you would also want to test network consistency from proxy to azure.

Finally, hope you are not running out of space on cache volume ?

There is one CC bundle available on portal, consider to update that on CC Server and then attempt upload.

Hi @pats_729 

Now that I see, its happening frequently on all the volumes.

Its giving out multiple lines of same error.

Network is working fine for all other workloads /Applications.  The Connection is direct without any Proxy.

Cache utilisation is at 15 %

I already have EEB 3981837 v5 installed.

Is this the same EEB you are talking about  ?

Yes thats the EEB i am talking about but v5 is too old. Current version is 13. Try applying it.


Apologise for the v5 up there, I rechecked and  this is what I have installed



What version of NetBackup are you running?

Running on a 5240 I assume?

If you're running a Cloud Catalyst, I'm hoping that you are running version 3.2/8.2 as the new code-base for Cloud Catalyst is far more stable than it was at 3.1.2



Its a RHEL 7.7 BYOD CloudCatalyst running NBU 8.2