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Cloud Catalyst Uploads Fail when Throttle is in Place

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We have a Netbackup  Cloud Catalyst Setup on 8.3  which we are using to upload Data to Cloud. 

Whenever the duplication jobs run, they saturate the link causing Network Disruption . However the uploads go fine with Zero Upload Faliures. 

As soon as we place a Throttle . We start getting upload faliures and Duplication jobs start failing. 

Any Solution to this ?


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I see you have posted about this previously -

Maybe this option is not used used by any of the 'regulars' in this forum.

Best to log a call with Veritas Support.

Thanks @Marianne , 

I was hoping to get an opinion on how people are managing this. 

I have a case open , but not much of a traction there. 

I will wait for a solution .

Thanks Again. 

(I'm sure you have, but worth asking anyways)

Have you installed the critical EEB bundle for CloudCatalyst? If not, I'd start there.

I remember having quite a few issues with the throttling when setting it up on a Flex appliance, but I have not dealt with this issue on a BYOD CloudCatalyst.