Cloud Catalyst in Nutanix enviroment

Hi guys,

I planning to install a clustered master server using infoscale entreprise in a Nutanix enviroment.

I have 6 NetBackup appliances running as a media server. The customer has Hitachi Content Platform so I need to use this HCP as long term retention storage. I will use S3 connect.

Because of the budget, I have to deploy my own cloud catalyst servers in Nutanix environment. Does anyone have advice for this deployment? Any ideas?

Pros and cons?



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Re: Cloud Catalyst in Nutanix enviroment


I don't think the fact that it's Nutanix is important, it could be any virtual of physical machine as long as you adhere to the requirements shown on page 252

Specifications for a Linux media server


What you should also consider is how many of these to deploy considering that you've got 6 Appliances that will need to offload their data.