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Cloud Storage Server configuration

Level 3

Hello, I have a basic default install of NBU on a single server.  I have a backup job running successfully that writes to local disk.  I am trying to add an S3 Object Store as an archive tier or secondary location to write backup files, but I can't seem to get the Clous Storage Server to complete successfully (I am using the wizard).  I am trying to use cloud storage (endpoint is:, which is not currently listed in the drop down list of vendors/providers.  Anyone familiar with configuring and using this feature, I would very much appreciate your help...  Thank you!


Level 4

Your cloud vendor is not supported, which is why it isn't in the dropdown box. You will need to either switch to a supported cloud vendor, or ask your account team to see if will be supported in upcoming patches/releases.


Ethan, so that means I cannot create/enter connection info (S3 endpoint, access keys, etc) for any other Object Storage than what is specifically listed in the drop-down vendor list?  Even if the OBS fully supports S3 API...

Correct. Just because the OBS support S3 API, doesn't mean that NetBackup has a supported plug-in for that OBS. The list of vendors has grown dramatically in the last 2 years, so it's entirely possible that more vendors will be added soon. It would be worth a call or email to your account executive to see if your vendor is in the works. 

Here is a list of S3 cloud vendors that are currently certified and supported with NetBackup.