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Clustered Drives disappear

Level 3

Hi everyone,

Hope someone can spare a bit of time to help me with a strange problem.


We are trying to back up a windows 2003 cluster (version 5.2) using NB 5.1MP5, however during the backup the clustered drives disappear?


We can see the clustered drives from the server, however when we browse the server through a netbackup policy sometimes they arn't there?


Has anyone seen this before and maybe offer some pointers to investigate.

The usual stuff has been tried, reboot, reinstall of the client etc.


Thanks for any help




Level 6

I have see this in AIX boxes, when the drives are in use the OS doesnt show them I only will be worrie if my backups fail, are you having issues with your backups? try updating the drivers and firmware of your drives this normaly fix this kind of issues.



Level 3

Hi thanks for the reply,

sorry I don't think I made myself clear, we're not having trouble with the tape drives, it's the windows disk drives that keep disappearing, e.g. G:, M: etc

These are still visable at OS level, however when browsing the server through a netbackup policy from the master we cannot see them, but only sometimes, othertimes they are visable.


It is causing problems with backups, because the disk drives disappear half way through the backup, so it fails with a 71 error, none of the files exist.


Its very strange.


Any help or pointers would be great






Level 6

Ok, lets get a view items in here.


you have clustered windows servers.

and taking your example you want to backup the G and M drives.


( I am a unix person who also does netbackup and had to learn this as well).


When you backup a windows server you see all the drives via the ServerName.


but when working with a cluster... the server has two names the PhysicalName and the ClusterName.


now resources like the G and M drives are assigned to the ClusterName.

(let us set that up).



C drive

G drive - resource


C drive

M drive - resource



G drive


M drive


the way I understand clusters is that the resouce can move from server to server.

so say Server1 goes down.

G drive - resource is "moved" to Server2

when Server1 comes back up the G drive does not go back to Sever1 unless told to.

So now you try to backup Server1 you get the C drive and the G drive is missing.

(is this what you are seeing?)


You have to backup cluster different.


Setup the client name as VServer1 and VServer2

as the Resource is ALWAYS on the VServer (but moves from Physical server to Physical server).


What I have done.


I have a policy that backups the Cluster Physical Server names and gets the C drive.

I then have a policy that backups the VServer name to get the resources.


To find out what the Vserver names are log into the windows server and go to Cluster Administrator

look at the Resources and find out the Vserver names.