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Clustered Media Server

Level 2
Can someone explain to me the advantage of installing a clustered (MSCS) media server as in the NB 5.0 install documentation, with the shared disk, backing up the local drives/system state using the cluster node names and shared cluster disks with the cluster virtual names, as opposed to installing Netbackup on all cluster nodes, and using all node names to back up ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES?


Level 5
Because if you choose to back up the individual nodes with all local drives you will get an error 71 on one of nodes where the resources no longer are. That is why it is recommended to back up the virtual cluster name which will then back up all the cluster resources. You could also have a policy that backs up the individual nodes but specifying the individual nodes physical local drives. That would give you complete protection.

Level 2
Thanks for that. But....why can't I install NEtbackup on each server (not as a shared resource) and backup as if individual servers?? this is what we did for v3.4.1, and to be honest, I'm just don't see why I shouldn't do this with v5. The recommended method just seems like to much complication to me.


Level 3
I recently tested Netbackup 5.0 MP3 in a Windows 2003 Cluster environment. I had the problem that our cluster will have over 10 TB of Data, so I cannot backup over LAN and I must backup each note over Fibre Channel (using SSO). I had a test with just backuing up the nodename with ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES. This one went fine and I had "only" status 1 codes for the drives that where not active on this node. No status 71 backups.

Sure you can install a standalone netbackup media server on each node. This is a supported environment with Veritas.

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