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Command for deferred eject required

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Hello all,

I am looking for command to run vault deferred eject from command line. If anyone has something to share please do let me know.





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Are you looking for something like (from netbackup\bin\):

vlteject profile profilename -robot robotname -vault vaultname -auto y -eject_delay 300

Or are you after something else?

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I am writing a script which will be executed when the scheduled vault job fails with 287 error code (Partial eject) and need to run deferred eject from command line which will eject remaining tapes and generate the vault pick list report. Please guide if the command you suggested can perfrom this task.

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If you are running it manually when you need to then to be honest it would be far easier to make a new vault profile that only does ejects

This would have all the same settings are your currect one but only has the eject tab selected.

All you need to do then is right click it and select either "Start Session" or "Deferred Eject"

That save the effort of creating scripts and guarantees it does exactly what you need it to do.

Hope this helps

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You can use the vltejectcommand to eject media and generate reports for Vault sessions for which media have not yet been ejected (the reports must be configured in the profiles). The vltejectcommand can process the pending ejects and/or reports for all robots (that is, all sessions for all vaults), for all sessions for a single vault, or for a specific Vault session.
The following is the format of the vlteject command:
vlteject -eject -report -preview [-profile profile_name] [-robot
robot_name] [-vault vault_name [-sessionid id]] [-auto y|n]
[-eject_delay seconds] [-legacy]
The vlteject command resides in the following directory:
UNIX: /usr/openv/netbackup/bin
Windows: install_path\NetBackup\bin
The following is a vlteject command example that ejects media for all robots that have sessions for which media has not yet been ejected and generates the reports:
vlteject -eject -report
The following example ejects all media that has not yet been ejected for all sessions for the CustomerDB vault and generates reports:
vlteject -vault CustomerDB -eject -report
The following is a vlteject command example that previews the media to be ejected for the CustomerDB vault:
vlteject -vault CustomerDB -preview
For more information about the vlteject command, see the NetBackup Commands for UNIX or NetBackup Commands for Windows manual.

Level 4

Thanks for reply but I am looking to eject remaining tapes for a particular session id.

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Just add -sessionid sessionid into the command then