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Command line option for "Detailed Status" tab?

Hi all,

Does anyone know of a command line option for reporting *everything* you see in a job's Detailed Status tab?  The bperror option (bperror -U -jobid job_id) sadly only gives very brief, unhelpful synopsis...

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There are text files in job DB directory

Try files in this directory



bpdbjobs command

play with bpdbjobs command with those two switches:

Here is a command guide - select your OS of NBU server - to see the whole bpdbjobs functions:
- Commands for UNIX and Linux ( )

Thanks - both are good

Thanks - both are good options, but bpdbjobs gives *way too much* (even with most_columns used) and the trylogs files don't have entry timestamps.  Anyone else?

You could try using the java gui

If you are using the java GUI, you could try executing this command:

/usr/openv/java/jnbSA -lc

This command writes to a log file every command that the GUI uses to operate.  Not every single command is logged, but it might be worth checking the log file when you click on "Detailed Status" to see what the GUI uses to retrieve that information.  I've not tried this to grab that particular command, but it has worked in the past in order for me to recreate some pretty complicated commands.

Other logs to check

You can also check the logs lcoated in


I can not remember which one, but one of those directories logs the commands that are executed by the java GUI.

Of course you may need to create these directories if they do not already exist.

Try this TN How to customize

Try this TN

How to customize the output of the bpdbjobs -report command with a Windows Master Server.

Let me kow if this does not help of if you need a very specific output.


Right - when those logs get cleaned is up to your configuration.


Just checked this directory for some info, and it appears that these logs are kept as far back as the activity monitor keeps its jobs.  This makes sense, but I was wondering if someone could confirm this.

Hey,I need the same - I need

  I need the same - I need the information of the "Detailed Status" tab of Activity Monitor. How can I fetch it from another computer using the executables? bpdbjobs doesn't provide such information even with -all_columns option. I can't TS to this computer to see the /jobs/trylogs either.




The information

Ok, -all_columns works. The information though is in slightly different format.

Re: The information

Ancient thread, but first google result so hopefully this summary will help someone.  This will format the bpdbjobs output for you.  I've broken it up into multiple lines for formatting here, but it's really all on one line.    The _COMMA_ bit preserves the escaped commas in the output.  The last line looks for dates that aren't preceded by a newline, and fixes it up by adding the newline.  Often the newline gets lost somewhere along the line.


/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bpdbjobs -jobid $jobid -all_columns  |
perl -pe '
s{,}{\n}g; s{_COMMA_}{,}g;
| perl -ne 'print if  m{^\d{2}/\d{2}/\d{4}}'


(substitute your jobid).