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Command line to display same as in Backup/Restore/Archive GUI

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Can someone provide an example command line that will display the same content as seen when browsing backups. For instance I would like to see schedule and policy used and all columns that this GUI can see,
I have tried bplist with the qualifier ' -Listpolicy' but no good.

Thanks for help.

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Bplist is the correct command however you will have to play around with the switches a bit. A trick I sometimes use is to enable the nbwin log on the Master under Netbackup\logs and set the general = 2 and Verbose = 5. Then retry what you want inside of Backup Archive and Restore. Check the Nbwin log, you should see the commands and switches that NBU used behind the curtain.

This also sometimes works for commands in the Admincmd directory if you enable the Admin log (but wont help for your question dealing with the BAR GUI)

Hope that helps

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I needed the identical information generated from the command line. I discussed this request with the Veritas support team and they informed me that it is only available through the Java gui. He did submit a request to have this available through the command line. The Java GUI provides the formatting for the Activity Reports that we can't seem to get from the command line.